How to Wire a Painting.

Posted on | Wednesday, December 15, 2010 | 12 Comments

Just a short blog post on how to wire paintings properly. You can learn the hard way like I did...(sorry Alice) or you can take advice from those who have learned. 

First thing to note: Throw away any sawtooth hangers you have. Gallery's will not accept and will always request the artwork to be wired.

The main trick to wiring a painting is to have your hook or D-ring flush with the back of the painting. You don't want a hook to stick out and have your painting come away from the wall. 1. Leaves a giant space between the top of the painting and the wall. 2. Marks the wall up. So if you are going to use hooks, fasten them inside of the painting or the frame. If there isn't room to do this then use what is called  a D'Ring. There is a flat section that screws into the painting or frame and then a ring section that you attach the wire to.  A D-Ring can be attached flush to the frame or back of the canvas without protruding. See below.

1.  Wire Cutter
2.  Picture Wire - Professional grade has plastic around the wire.
3.  D-Rings
4.  Screw driver.

((Hardware stores have D-Rings available.))

1.  Attach d-rings to the sides of the frame.  You will want them 1/3rd to 1/4th from the top of the frame and put them at a bit of an angle.
2.  Cut your wire with 2-4 inches of extra wire for each side. Example:  if you have a 10 inch width you want at least 14-18 inches of wire cut.
3.  Thread the rings. Let the wire have a little bit of wiggle room - don't thread it too tight.  When the wire is pulled tight like it's being hung you will want it 2-3 inches from the top of the frame.

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