“Plein Air Passion” by Jeff Klinker

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Jeff Klinker - Featured ArtistJuly 29 - September 5

Artist Statement:
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always dreamed of becoming an artist. My appreciation for beauty within nature came naturally having been born and raised on a farm. From childhood, I was continually surrounded by the subtle beauty of Indiana’s rural landscape and have often felt God’s presence within the serenity and grandness of nature. From an early age, I began to feel I was blessed with a God-given talent for the arts which continue to fuel my artistic and inward journey. 

In 1975, my first oil painting was influenced by Steve Swagerle: my high school teacher, who was living in one of the houses on our farm. I was so inspired when I walked into his home to find every room filled with oil paintings stacked three and four deep. It was then that I knew I wanted to paint with oils.

I began to work from photographs rendering realistic works, and for a short while I studied drawing and design at Purdue University before the duties of life called me away. I never abandoned my dreams of being an artist and I continued to develop my skills both technically and from within. It was not until I studied under the award winning artist Hilary Eddy, that my artistic journey took me on a new path of self-exploration. Instead of earth tones, which I now refer to as my “umber days”, my painting started to explode with color. I was later influenced at a T.C. Steele Historical site paint out, where I discovered the joy of painting en plein aire. I was transported with the freedom discovered by painting nature in the open landscape. That freedom of painting outdoors also began to liberate my brush—my strokes became more fluid interpretations of light and shadow. My paintings are now impressionistic and full of movement and color.

Art is continual learning. I believe I have learned more from teaching painting than my students have learned from me. I also give credit to all of the artists with whom I have worked and shared the experience of interpreting the many beautiful landscapes of Indiana. As an artist, I look forward to painting more and learning more. I am on an artistic journey and gladly follow the path that illuminated my dreams as a young boy. Follow and keep your dreams because dreams can come true.