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Featured Artist
Karen Patton
Opening reception April 11, 6-8pm

For the last ten years Karen has had the desire to paint a series of paintings on gateways, windows and doors. Doors and gateways represent our desire to see what is on the other side if we should we choose to enter. What adventures will happen to us if we risk entering? Will it change our lives? Will we see things in a different way? What does the architecture of an entryway say to the viewer? Is it inviting, intimidating, awesome or threatening? 

"I hope you are as excited about the paths in your life as I have been in mine and are willing to go through that door." - Karen Patton

featured artist kelly barton

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pretty little stories by kelly barton

opening reception march 7, 6-8pm

"one day. not long ago.
gathering with souls, stories told.
i found myself focusing on my blank journal page. a simple sharpie, pulling dark lines across the page and my mind recognizing the intersections pulling over one another.
sitting with kindred souls, listening, absorbing the deep layers of story.
the connection. breathing in the softness and exhaling the darkened leftovers. absorbing the connection. the sacred life."

exhibit: pretty little stories is a simple representation of the stories that we each tuck away in the layers of our days. the blossom begins as a mandala, the center begins as life and with each layer and color added, our story is told often thrown off course and while our footing feels off center, somehow with each year, each lesson - finding our balance.kelly paints to soothe her soul and tell stories along the way. she gathers with other women near the sea, holding their hands as they fretfully explain they are not an artist. kelly loves to prove nothing more than, they really are. some days you might find her kneeling along the sidewalk leaving chalked love notes, giggling at the silliness of life.

and she uses the color pink as much as she possibly can.

kelly barton artist. maker. creator. believer of this sacred life.

“and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
- anais nin

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Milky Way Mandala by Louie Laskowski
Louie Laskowski
"Vision Art & Vintage Cloth"

Discoveries within the junk of life. The cotton spread of thread woven into dresses of bliss at weddings door. Wanting to capture that specific moment. That ancient and spiritual moment that creating releases. As if there were blinders on her eyes she began to chase ideas around in her mind until all practical concerns encompassed her. She rolled the cotton vision up.

For over a decade the unfinished cloth remained. And although she moved on to other things. That vintage. That vision beckoned.

From the porch her thoughts were written upon the night sky. The patterns danced. The colors creating mandalas of light. Animals, birds and earth joined the kaleidoscope of fractured light in a field of vibration. She knew what had to be created. "Lady of the Crossroads, Hecate" was birthed before knowing how to paint it.

The crossroad. Her crossroad in which Hecate stood and directed. And so the dawn of creative cosmos broke through the black expansive skies and they themselves stood upon her canvases.

She dip-drenched her visions and soon colors of primary birds and rainbows emerged. Metallic reaction chemicals created safe havens and gates opened to let the air blow through tantalizing tree swings while aprons fell atop the old vintage toys.

And her creations in themselves existed but she wondered their purpose. She gave them life but they remained enclosed in rooms and unseen. Through experience the learning of value of experiment came to an understanding. The understanding that art for her was about the "inner-journey". …

from Louie: "...the soul seeking insight and knowledge which includes a desire for meaningful human connection through the work. Paradoxically an artist is alone most of the time when working. This "relationship-connection" involves finding inner strength to reveal the unknown and vulnerable truths to oneself and then to others."

-written from notes taken from Louie's biography and details of "Vision Art & Vintage Cloth" available to read at the current show at Athens Arts Gallery. Please take a tour of the exhibit to appreciate the richness, vibrancy and massive textures of these paintings.

Three reasons to buy local art this holiday season and beyond!

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Three reasons to buy local art this holiday season and beyond!

1. Original works are alive
Direct from the artist’s hand, an original painting or sculpture, finely crafted jewelry or turned wood may be more expensive than a copy, but it’s alive with the artist’s spirit and vision! Nothing mass-produced by an anonymous machine can come close to the sense of vitality that emanates from an original work of art. Why fill your home with machine-made kitsch when you can own original and affordable works of art created by respected local artists? If your budget is tight, you can ask the artist or gallery about leasing work or paying by layaway.

2. Enhance your well-being
Like prayer, meditation and yoga, art can be a relaxing and spiritual force in your life, whether you practice it or simply look at it. Surrounding yourself with local art that is unique and meaningful provides a sense of comfort you can’t find in commercially manufactured products. Art becomes a life-long friend.

3. Become a collector
Have you ever collected coins or stamps? Most avid collectors are attracted by the beauty and rarity of these treasures. Original artwork is unique—one of a kind. You’ll never walk into someone else’s home and see your art on their walls. True collectors buy art for love, not money. They take pleasure in being surrounded by beauty, knowing that there is special meaning in the art they have personally chosen or commissioned. Since much local art is affordable and collectable, whether you collect by artist, genre, medium or style, you’re likely to find what you want right in your own backyard. Buy a piece of art because you love it, and let your own sensibility and intuition be the best guides.

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• Passions and Pursuits 
Opening Reception November 1, 6 - 8pm 
Athens Arts gallery will be represented at TAF in the Northwest Gallery at the Wells Community Cultural Center - 638 N St. Lafayette

Make plans to join us at the Wells Community Cultural Center this Friday, November 1, 6:00-8:00pm for not just one but three shows! 9 Squared (Wabash Valley Potters), Vintage and Vision (Louie Laskowski) and Passions and Pursuits (Athens Arts). The galleries are filled! Looking forward to seeing you! The exhibition will run from November 1 - December 6.

Each artist holds deep within, their own ideals, dreams and a distinctive way of following their creative path. The 16 varied artists of Athens Arts claim a variety of media in order to express passions and to pursue their creativity. This "Passions and Pursuits" exhibit is a result of the interesting mix of their talents. The show ranges from turned wood vessels, ceramics, watercolor and acrylic paintings, and mixed media assemblages to delicate flowers made entirely of clay. The artists of Athens Arts welcome you into their creative world.

Athens Artists showing:

Mike Abney
Marianne Ballenger
Kelly Barton
Pontip Berry
Sue Brassel
Kym Bushong
CJ Charles
Nina Cunningham
Mike Fishero
Bob Foote
Alice Harpel
Daryl Hutson
Diana May
Alan McConnell
Karen Patton
John Zimmerman

Athens Arts Salon REDUX

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Marianne Ballenger Second Place - 2D category

Athens Arts Salon REDUX! is up until October 26th! Consider purchasing from this special show to support the gallery.

Purchase award sponsors - you can use your pledges through the entirety of the show!

Special Salon REDUX! gallery hours are October 20 (Sunday) open 1-4pm October 17-23 and 25-26 open 10-5pm!

AWOW (Art Walk on Washington) October 24th - we will be open 10-8pm!

Come check out the show!

REvision! Exhibit

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REvision window installation. REthinking our relationships with discarded objects.
All items covered in newspaper.
REvision show August 14 - September 28
Opening Reception August 23, 6-8pm