Life Out of Chaos – a Series of Paintings

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May 11 – July 6

Life Out of Chaos – a Series of Paintings
Daniel Driggs
Opening Reception: Friday, May 20
Live music by John the Silent

In 1989, Driggs attended a retreat where God stepped in to change his life. He decided to take a sabbatical from his artwork to study and surrender to the Lordship of Jesus in his life. That surrender led him to seminary and the pulpit ministry. He was a pastor for 18 years before God allowed him again to do his artwork.
Today, Driggs’ artwork is different than it was in his earlier art career. Although he still paints still life and landscape scenes, his passion has become people and animals – a subject he avoided in prior years. The change has come in realizing that every life is unique and special to God.

Artist Statement:
In today’s world, we see chaos on all sides. This is reflected in much of the music, theater and art that are produced today. But if we take the time and look closer, we find that there is beauty focused amid the chaos. This is what the Bible described when it tells that God looked into the earth that was void and without form and brought about light, order and life.
This series of paintings is designed to help the viewer see the intricate details of life that are found amidst the chaos of our world. Each painting calls us to slow down, focus and enjoy the beauty of the world around us. Some of the paintings are focused on people; others are animals and plants that exhibit the beauty of life.

Artist Biography:
Born and raised in Nebraska, Driggs developed the love of art as a child. He attended Hastings College where he earned a BS degree in Art and Art Education. Driggs painted, taught, and exhibited his art professionally for 18 years. Through the years he owned and/or managed galleries in Omaha, NE, Laramie, WY and Cheyenne, WY. During those years, Dan’s artwork developed into the center of his life. In fact, it became like a god to him, in competition with the One True GOD.

Featured Art Exhibit: Art Meets Math – Fascinating Fractals

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Group Show featuring: Lisa Parker, Jo McGraw and Skeezix6
March 23 – April 23
Opening Reception: Friday, April 8

A collaboration in digital art using fractal equations. Using a single image in different directions for some as well as scenes of nature and science. The fractal program manipulates images bringing geometry, structure, patterns and rhythms that mirror those qualities in the world around us. 

Jo McGraw

Jo McGraw lives in West Lafayette Indiana with her husband, daughter, and two cats. Her artistic inspiration and passion has always been nature and all of her creatures, wild and domestic, beautiful or weird. She is particularly drawn to animals as individual beings. Normally she paints animal portraits with acrylic, but enjoys photography and photo editing, especially manipulating photographs in fractal equations, and exploring fractal distortion of faces.

Lisa Parker

Lisa Parker is an artist from Lafayette, happily living with her husband and cats in rural Tippecanoe County. She finds great inspiration in the beautiful natural landscape and wildlife surrounding her home and studio.

Lisa received her Master’s Degree in Printmaking from Purdue University. Since 2011, She has made art her full time pursuit. She has had work in many group shows, a solo show in 2014, and a second upcoming solo show at TAF in August 2016.

Lisa works in multiple mediums, including printmaking, drawing, painting, sculpture, and has recently enjoyed making digital fractal images which she describes as “visual metaphors about dreams, daydreams, and the universe within each of us.”


Skeezix6 lives in West Lafayette Indiana with his wife, daughter, and two cats. He works with computers by day, and enjoys the more creative side of mathematical equations in his spare time. He first began exploring fractal patterns on a graphing calculator as a student. His goal is to develop novel ways of combining the infinite space of procedural patterns, which can feel very technical and lifeless on their own, with more organic and personal subjects. He has built a CNC router from scratch in the garage to extend his work into reliefs and sculptures in wood and plastics.

People, Places, and Things - Photographs by Dr. Kathy Steele

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February 10, 2016 to March 17, 2016

Opening Reception Saturday, February 19, 6-8 pm
Dr. Kathy Steele states: “In my travels in the United States and abroad, I have been fascinated with the unique faces, landscapes and objects created by man or nature. This photographic show will explore all three areas, each being displayed on individual walls. The eyes of the “People” wall will mystify you; the “Places” wall will invite you to relax and enjoy natural landscapes; and the “Things” wall will open your eyes to exotic animals, colorful flowers and bright butterflies. Sets of cards will also be available representing all three facets of the show.
Dr. Kathy Steele has been taking pictures since her husband, John, bought her a 35 mm camera in 1970. It is a hobby that they both enjoyed. This is Kathy’s first solo photographic show. Her photographs have graced the cover of a national magazine, a calendar, brochures, educational publications, and newspaper articles. She has exhibited in two Montgomery County Art League juried shows, three Montgomery County Art League shows at the Crawfordsville Public Library and two Salon shows at Athens Arts.
Kathy retired in June of 2014 after 43 years in education. During her tenure with the Crawfordsville Community School Corporation, she served as the Superintendent, Curriculum Director, Gifted and Talented Coordinator and elementary teacher. Currently, she volunteers around the community and is on the board of directors for Athens Arts.

A Life Time Event: Elizabeth Sharpless

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Opening Reception Saturday, January 9, 6-8 pm

Elizabeth Clements Sharpless was a recognized Hoosier artist in watercolor, oil, and mixed media. She graduated from Indiana State University with a degree in music and art. She pursued her postgraduate art education at Purdue University, St. Francis Art School, and the John Heron Art Institute.
Mrs. Sharpless exhibited in many places, including Wabash College, Purdue University, and through the Art Leagues of Indianapolis and Crawfordsville.
Please join the Athens Arts Artists and Board of Directors for a once in a life time event on January 9th for the opening of Mrs. Sharpless’ work.  The event will be co-hosted by Sara Houston Dicks as she opens the Half Way Home.  All proceeds from this Featured Artists showing will help benefit the Half Way Home and Athens Arts Gallery.

Art in the Stars { get your shine on }

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Athens Arts Group Show
Works of art with star appeal!
{ get your shine on }

Opening Reception November 28, 6pm - 11pm
(during downtown party night)

The Greater Lafayette Clay Guild at Athens Arts!

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Featured Artist Exhibit September 9 - October 17
The Greater Lafayette Clay Guild at Athens Arts

The current Athens Arts Gallery exhibit offers a delightful view of the wide range of work by Clay Guild potters and artists. Visitors will see both functional and sculptural pieces reflecting a wide variety of clay bodies, surfaces, glazes, and firing techniques. Gallery visitors will also see samples of the 100 dessert plates handmade by the Clay Guild and donated to Athens for their current fundraising efforts.

The Greater Lafayette Clay Guild was founded in 2011 to promote artistic growth, education, and appreciation of ceramic arts.

Membership and participation in the Guild is open to both clay “makers” and clay “appreciators.” Guild members include beginners, seasoned professionals, and everything in between, all encouraging and learning from each other and reaching out to the community. Members also include those who don’t “do” clay, but enjoy collecting and learning about the art and process of clay.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Guild’s outreach is the 14-county TAF (Tippecanoe Arts Federation) community. Through exhibits, workshops, sales, demonstrations, networking, and presentations, the Guild brings to its members and audiences an increased awareness of clay as both legitimate art and functional craft...and a whole lot of FUN!

“Plein Air Passion” by Jeff Klinker

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Jeff Klinker - Featured ArtistJuly 29 - September 5

Artist Statement:
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always dreamed of becoming an artist. My appreciation for beauty within nature came naturally having been born and raised on a farm. From childhood, I was continually surrounded by the subtle beauty of Indiana’s rural landscape and have often felt God’s presence within the serenity and grandness of nature. From an early age, I began to feel I was blessed with a God-given talent for the arts which continue to fuel my artistic and inward journey. 

In 1975, my first oil painting was influenced by Steve Swagerle: my high school teacher, who was living in one of the houses on our farm. I was so inspired when I walked into his home to find every room filled with oil paintings stacked three and four deep. It was then that I knew I wanted to paint with oils.

I began to work from photographs rendering realistic works, and for a short while I studied drawing and design at Purdue University before the duties of life called me away. I never abandoned my dreams of being an artist and I continued to develop my skills both technically and from within. It was not until I studied under the award winning artist Hilary Eddy, that my artistic journey took me on a new path of self-exploration. Instead of earth tones, which I now refer to as my “umber days”, my painting started to explode with color. I was later influenced at a T.C. Steele Historical site paint out, where I discovered the joy of painting en plein aire. I was transported with the freedom discovered by painting nature in the open landscape. That freedom of painting outdoors also began to liberate my brush—my strokes became more fluid interpretations of light and shadow. My paintings are now impressionistic and full of movement and color.

Art is continual learning. I believe I have learned more from teaching painting than my students have learned from me. I also give credit to all of the artists with whom I have worked and shared the experience of interpreting the many beautiful landscapes of Indiana. As an artist, I look forward to painting more and learning more. I am on an artistic journey and gladly follow the path that illuminated my dreams as a young boy. Follow and keep your dreams because dreams can come true.