October Featured Artist Cristina Ruggiero

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Cristina Ruggiero is a graduate of Ball State University where she majored in painting earning a BFA degree in 1990.   Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina she came to the U.S. as a child, growing up in Bloomington, Indiana with her parents and siblings. She believes the blending of cultures and experiences helped broaden the window from which she observes life, thus often bringing a different perspective and dynamic dimension into her artistic expression.

"Painting is the truest, deepest feeling of self expression I have experienced. As I paint, I feel energized; thoughts and ideas flow naturally, unrestricted and unencumbered. I am in a place more deeply connected to my inner self. I best describe my work as a collection of experiences and qualities uniquely mine. Memories become woven into the fabric of my being, both cultural and personal and which symbolically represent the many facets of my life and complexity of my thoughts.

My favorite medium is oil on canvas. I find the entire process of painting fascinating from beginning to end. From deciding my canvas dimensions, to  stretching the canvas, to the best type of brushes and colors to use for the particular painting I am about to begin. The technique I most often use is  applying thick layers of paint over thin washes of color; some which I leave  exposed or later bring back to the surface in various patterns, creating a  juxtaposition of different textures. The patterns which emerge are almost  always organic, free, flowing, interconnected vine like shapes, woven through the many layers of color and texture. The colors I choose are bold, rich and oftentimes acidic, which I like as I find they help provide a more dynamic flow of contrasting energies to the images. It is this movement, this lifelike energy in the painting which I find most challenging to attain, most satisfying and visually most appealing once completed.

A Crawfordsville, Indiana resident, Cristina has been painting and exhibiting her work since 1990. Exhibits include:  Ball State University Art Gallery, Muncie, Indiana;  Indiana Theological Seminary, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN; Impact Design Gallery, Marina del Rey, California, International Art Exhibit, Indianapolis, Indiana Convention Center and Sugar Creek Art Center, Thorntown, Indiana. Cristina’s work has also been featured on PBS’s WFYI  Channel 21, “Across Indiana” and Arts Indiana magazine.

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Ninth Annual Downtown Fall ART Show
The Gala Opening and Awards Ceremony will be on Main Street outside the courthouse at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 24. Early arrivals will be treated to live music performed by Gary Ketchum and the Montgomery County Civic Band. Art League members will be at the white canopy at the courthouse to provide free tour brochures and offer opportunities to purchase unique pieces of art. The Athens of Indiana Arts Studios & Gallery will be open late this opening night as well.

This very special celebratory exhibit will feature the work of 38 former artists who have shown their work in three or more previous years’ Fall Exhibits, and six Lifetime Honorary Members of the Art League have also accepted the invitation. The Honorary Members are Greg Garman, Rob O’Dell, Peg Shearer, Jerry Smith, Marilyn Wells, and John Zimmerman. These illustrious artists have offered more than 100 pieces for display. Elementary students will be featured in Dance by Deborah windows. At Cabbages and Kings, visitors will see the award winning work of high school seniors from each of the three county high schools. Two special interest windows will focus the countries of Sierra Leone (at Kirtley, Taylor, Sims, Chadd & Minnette) and Haiti (at Nogginz).

This year the Art Exhibit Headquarters/Information Center will be at the Athens of Indiana Arts Studios & Gallery at 113 N. Washington St. Tour information, brochures, sales information and the opportunity to enter a drawing for a lovely painting by local artist Alice Harpel will be available 12:00-4:00pm daily, Sept. 25 – Oct. 3. After hours questions about purchase opportunities may be directed to 765.435.2562 or 765.366.4776.

Information taken from art league newsletter 2010

"We Have Nothing to Fear"

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9/11 Triptych
In the year 2003, Jody Franklin began a painting that dealt specifically about the 9/11 attacks that happened two years prior in New York City. The painting brought about many extreme feelings and emotions dealing with the actual 9/11 attacks that Jody discarded the triptych in a dumpster. Unbeknownst to him, someone recovered all three panels. It was in the year 2009 that Nancy Yeiter, a member and artist of the Athens of Indian Arts Studios and Gallary paid $9.00 at the Crawfordsville Goodwill store for this very painting.  Nancy brought the triptych into the gallery a few weeks ago for Jody to see and he has since reworked the painting a bit. This time the painting process relived was mainly a technical aspect rather than emotional although the memory of 9/11 will live on.

This unwanted painting had a mind of it's own and survived just as the human race - this human condition - as fragmented as it is, will survive.

There is hope.

In remembrance of 9/11.