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"an inspiring installation of newly forged Wabash student art making its debut at Athens Gallery"

The Story Behind “REcycled”

This summer, the city of Crawfordsville was awarded a grant to study and draft a complete plan for improved bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Research and design was done by the Indianapolis firm Remenschneider &  Associates, who worked alongside a local steering committee to gather public  input. In August, the proposed bike/ped map was adopted by the city council to  become an integral part of Crawfordsville’s comprehensive plan.

This blueprint contains both short and long range goals for making our streets safe & attractive, raising the quality of life, fostering both economic & environmental wellness. Thanks to Mayor Todd Barton, Park & Rec’s Fawn Johnson, Brandy Allen of City Planning & Scott Hesler of the Street Dept for seeing this project through.

Many in the community looked for tangible ways to celebrate this brave achievement for our town. Among these were two groups who had representatives on the bike/ped steering 
committee - Sustainable Initiatives & Wabash College. SI sponsored “Artsy Bikes” by artist, Gerburg Garmann. Four used bikes were purchased from Mr. Donald Swisher of Cville and painted by Ms. Garmann in fun, lively colors. The bikes have been featured in several local events throughout the summer.

Next, an idea was formed to extend the strategy of artistic advocacy to the Athens “Revision” Show. An invitation was extended to Wabash College art professor, Douglas Calisch.
The objective: take the concept “ReCycle” and create something using old bicycle parts. Prof Calisch applied this opportunity to an assignment for his incoming sculpture class. The result: an inspiring installation of newly forged Wabash student art making its debut at Athens Gallery.

We hope you enjoy this showcase of creativity and the whimsical way it lends its own brand of celebration for Cville’s new Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan.

Participating artists:
Corey Hoffman
Robby Cater
Pat Embree
Sean Grannan
Kolby Lopp
Dan Miller
Aren Peterson
Duc Trinh