The Greater Lafayette Clay Guild at Athens Arts!

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Featured Artist Exhibit September 9 - October 17
The Greater Lafayette Clay Guild at Athens Arts

The current Athens Arts Gallery exhibit offers a delightful view of the wide range of work by Clay Guild potters and artists. Visitors will see both functional and sculptural pieces reflecting a wide variety of clay bodies, surfaces, glazes, and firing techniques. Gallery visitors will also see samples of the 100 dessert plates handmade by the Clay Guild and donated to Athens for their current fundraising efforts.

The Greater Lafayette Clay Guild was founded in 2011 to promote artistic growth, education, and appreciation of ceramic arts.

Membership and participation in the Guild is open to both clay “makers” and clay “appreciators.” Guild members include beginners, seasoned professionals, and everything in between, all encouraging and learning from each other and reaching out to the community. Members also include those who don’t “do” clay, but enjoy collecting and learning about the art and process of clay.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the Guild’s outreach is the 14-county TAF (Tippecanoe Arts Federation) community. Through exhibits, workshops, sales, demonstrations, networking, and presentations, the Guild brings to its members and audiences an increased awareness of clay as both legitimate art and functional craft...and a whole lot of FUN!