Think Spring!

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Featured artists for Feb 15 - March 31
Patrick Burns and Pontip Berry
presenting the exhibit 
"Think Spring"

Beautiful nature photography by Patrick Burns accented by delicate floral sculptures, in handmade air dry clay by Pontip Berry.

Exhibit located in the special exhibit room in Athens Arts.

Drawings to win a photo or a floral creation!



One of my favorite activities is hiking in the woods along Sugar Creek. These prints are selected from photos that I have taken over the past few spring seasons.

I use my own printing equipment, so I have complete control. From the act of taking the photo to how it appears on the wall. I do not make any adjustments to my photos other than what is necessary to make them appear as close as possible to what I see through the lens.

It is my hope that this collection will give you pleasure and make you look forward to your next opportunity to go for a walk in the woods.

My background:

I grew up along Sugar Creek and attended the New Market Schools. My father Jene Burns was a local Artist and encouraged my interest in art. I attended Baker University in Baldwin City, Kansa, and received degrees in Biology and Art.

After graduating, my wife, Debbie and I moved back to the same area that I grew up in to raise our children.


My name is Pontip Berry and I own and operate Berry Beautiful Flowers. I am located in Avon, Indiana, where I sculpt and hand paint flowers made from specialty clay.

After my son went to college I was visiting my native country, Thailand, when I discovered a small flower shop. I became intrigued and instantly applied myself to learning the art of making these clay flowers. My next trip to Thailand I acquired the craft of creating flowers from air dry clay. I was immediately inspired and wanted to share this craft in America where I have been sharing these beautiful and unique pieces.

It has been nearly five years and I love sculpting new flowers each week. The special air dry clay is imported which adds to the uniqueness of the flowers. The process of making flowers keeps me occupied as it takes time to specialize and customize. Many hours are dedicated to the small details as everything you see is done by hand. Many first impressions of the flowers are that they are real. The first question often asked is, “Are they real?” The flowers are real in the sense that you can touch and keep them forever. These flowers look real and have a lasting impact on your home or office.

I often travel to arts and craft shows to display my flowers. Each flower has many hours of detailed and individualized colors and schemes. I have flowers in various shapes and sizes, from miniature to large. I am optimistic you will find each arrangement to be stunningly beautiful and amazingly lifelike. Each flower has a different expression creating new colors and effects on your living room, bedroom, kitchen, office and more. This is a great way to show your appreciation to others or yourself. The flowers are great for special occasions or events, keepsakes, part of a collection, or a simple gift.