full of bee’s wax.

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working from bottom to top

a little added depth and fun

a little more wax layering to finish.
sunday i spent the afternoon with a wax scooter.
sunday i played with 8 other creative souls pushing
hot wax around. fusing layers and watching papers
slip and slide across the board.
i was in heaven!
our gallery opened it’s doors to this months
featured artist – carolyn springer and she
put on a little bit of fun with her encaustic
guess who is smitten. i have so many ideas
and hope by the end of summer to have several
new pieces.
i might finally heat up my crock full of wax. i
mean it has been sitting there for at least 4
kelly barton - Studio and Gallery artist at Athens Gallery. Check her out here: kelly


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With paint covered hands I continued to slather gobs of paint onto the 4x4 plywood piece working my way around all the detailed strawberries, flower blooms and squiggles. So many people participated in our community painting - the 20-something to the 30 and 40-something adding color, line and fill. A fellow who never held a paint brush in his life took brush and palette in hand to contribute. Another suggested painting was therapeutic for him - the busyness of the day vanishing as his eyes focused on color and the task at hand. A co-op artist showed me how to blend - while being challenged by the drying paint in the hot weather. Color theory was even discussed and minds were being opened to obtain the experience of another.

The children giggled as the blue paint monopolized the plastic plate of tempera. White clouds and red strawberries themed their cardboard pieces and they held up their masterpieces for camera. While drying in the sun their artwork beckoned to be picked up by their makers. SPLAT! SPLAT! A Pollack want-to-be christened her cardboard with a SPLAT! of red then a SPLAT! of yellow…An excited child yelled "this is my favorite booth" and we knew then, we did good.

Many new and improved thoughts swirling around for the "next year" to be even more rewarding. Thoughts of a larger sign shouting out that we are a gallery and yes we are in town! Many were excited to find this out. And that is why we were there!

As we near our first year of being in existence, a co-op of artists coming together and sharing in their ideas, passions and creative experience, we become richer for it.

With colors flying we thank you for visiting our booth and look forward to another visit from you where we reside on 113 North Washington.



Encaustic Workshop by Carolyn Springer

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June 26, 1pm - 3:30pm

Encaustic: Paint made from pigment mixed with beeswax and resin fixed with heat.
Carolyn Springer is a faculty member for the University of Indianapolis and the Herron School of Art and Design. 

Price of Workshop $75.00 which includes materials.

In this workshop you will produce what is called a "soul portrait" which will utilize the encaustic technology with photographs of loved ones, Xerox copies, buttons, keys, watch parts, letters etc. to collage a memory portrait. Bees wax will be used as glue to combine the collage together.

Supplies provided:
Beeswax, slow cookers, paint brushes with natural hair bristles, art canvas or wood surfaces (5x5 or 5x7), various collage items, heat guns, quilting irons, crayons, pigment sticks, paper towels.

Materials suggested to bring:
Family photographs or photocopies in various sizes, scissors, apron, thin garden gloves & collage items:
Old letters or postcards, old tape measure, maps, dictionary pages, keys, coins, dolls or doll parts, old toy game pieces, dominoes, dice, matchboxes, playing cards, stamps, dress patterns, lace, fabric, buttons, brass charms, bones, shells, flowers, nails, washers, twine, fishing lures etc.

Carolyn's website:

Featured Artist for June - Carolyn Springer

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Encaustic Painting has been considered one of the oldest methods of painting in history. Please join us at Athens Gallery for Carolyn Springer's opening reception this Friday - June 3 at 6pm, highlighting her contemporary points of view in this ancient art form.

See these works in person to appreciate her unique style and technique.

Carolyn earned her B.F.A. from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and M.F.A. from San Diego State University, San Diego, California. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally since 1990 at sites ranging from Editions Limited Gallery and the Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis, Simay Space Gallery, Sushi Performance and Visual Arts Galleries in San Diego, Yokohama, Japan’s Citizens Gallery and Tijuana’s Cultural Center. She has won numerous awards including a Creative Renewal T=Fellowship, a Juror’s Award from Matrix Gallery in Chicago, an Artist and Craftsman’s Grant from Marian College and research grant to study in Florence, Italy.
Carolyn is currently a faculty member at the University of Indianapolis and Herron School of Art and Design. She has taught numerous courses including, painting, design and color theory, drawing and jewelry design. She maintains an art studio at the Harrison Center for the Arts in downtown Indianapolis.