"All Things Local" by Dr. Alice Harpel

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July 13 - August 20
Opening Reception Friday, July 22, 6-8pm
Educational Background: BA University of Dayton (Sociology)
MA Purdue University (Masters in Education)
Ed D Nova Southeastern University (Doctorate in Educational Administration)
As a young child Alice loved to draw and it was always a favorite pastime for her. Life took her in another direction and as she pursued a doctorate in education. When retiring for Director of that title for the Indiana Deparment of Education, she would revisit her "passion."
Upon returning to her art she found an emotional connection to color. Alice knew that she wanted to create art that was different from what she had previously experimented and using color was her avenue. When viewers see her work they can tell she is in love with "color." An artist once said that you can make color whisper or shout. Alice prefers that any color placed on the canvas must shout back at her. When she looks at a finished work, she steps bad to see if the color speaks to her. If not the canvas is set aside and she may return to it at a later date. It is her use of vibrant colors and not being afraid of trying different color combinations that sets her apart from other artists. The two themes that Alice enjoys creating are still life/floral collections and landscapes.
artist website: www.aliceharpel.com