Summer Sojourn

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Sugar Creek - Marianne Ballenger

Featured Artist
Oct. 3 - Nov. 14
Opening Reception October 5, 6 - 8 pm

Marianne Ballenger 
Exhibit titled:
"Summer Sojourn"

Ballenger teaches high school art using various media and is passionate about all of them. In this exhibit she does the same - paint and pencil as well as the printing process, photography and clay. Nature encompasses a full range of nuances and Ballenger embraces those many differences in this show.

Artist Statement:
Summer Sojourn - artistic wanderings of Marianne Darling Ballenger

I teach high school art……….. Rather, I show up with ideas in the form of lesson plans and the students teach me every single time just how diverse and creative the artistic process can be. I am blessed with the opportunity to work with these spirited, talented individuals. We have a lot of fun in the art room - but don’t tell anybody! I’m pretty sure learning is supposed to be serious business.

Regardless of the medium we are using - I really get into it. Drawing is an absolute favorite! I can sit and draw for hours with a pencil. But, then, anything that makes a mark is great - pastels, ink, markers - you name it. Painting is fascinating as well - and challenging. Oh, and I love printmaking in all it's forms. Weaving is fun, and can even be relaxing. Mixed media has so many directions you can go. Anything 3D has me hooked! Clay - wow! I love sculpture. Several years ago I received a Lilly Teacher Creativity Grant to study bronze sculpture and that has set me on the path of a dream I always wanted to pursue.

While I devote the school year to the students, summer is my time to recharge my artistic “batteries”. When I decided to do this show I was having a hard time deciding just which medium to pursue. So, I decided this show would just have to include many different things I like to do in art. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it.