Kick the Canvas Till it Bleeds Daylight

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Featured Artist Angela Vinson of the LaLa Gallery is our next artist up! 
Stop in on March 28, 6-8pm for her opening reception of Kick the Canvas Till it Bleeds Daylight
…a progression through life and faith

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Artist Statement:
“Kick the Canvas Till it Bleeds Daylight”
Over the past several years I have been wearing many hats in my day to day, Artist, Teacher, Curator, Gallerist, Business Woman, and have searched for the daylight in the fog of busy. I think we all choose roles and responsibilities to tackle that cause us to be spread thin. Women in art specifically through history have had to balance their lives between being mothers, caring for the home and family, and art. When we are pulled in multiple directions things can become heavy and dark.

Singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn released an album in 1991 titled, “Kick at the Darkness.” I had never heard of the artist until a sermon at church several months ago. The pastor expressed how we have to press on through faith, go the distance, and persevere through the darkness like singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn says in one of his songs, gotta kick at the darkness ’til it bleeds daylight. The lyric resonated in me, and I reflected on the idea for several days.

On the surface it may appear negative, but “Kick the Canvas Till it Bleeds Daylight” is about progression, perseverance, self discovery, faith, and the different canvases I work with. I make marks in clay, design and paint bags, and create paintings while thinking of my family, friends, customers, current news, and people I casually pass, like a meditation. My work has always been about a journey, the world around us, religion, being a woman, connections between people, and relationships.

Kick the Canvas is a series of work sampling what I do to shake off the darkness, and the different canvases I use to express the light.

Artist Bio:
Angela Vinson (Lala) an artist since the ol’ pushing crayons around days; works from her studio in Lafayette, Indiana creating paintings, prints, sculptures, pottery, handbags, and more.

Her work first began as an exploration with the elements and principles of design and figures began to emerge. She communicates people, community, togetherness, isolation, and journeys in her work.

Lala began her college studies as an art education major, but was soon drawn into the clay studio. After her sophomore year she committed to ceramics and received her BFA from Herron School of Art. Lala spent a year at Purdue University pursuing her MA in ceramics and decided teaching was her passion, and received her MA in secondary education from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2007. In May 2008 Lala opened LaLa Gallery & Studio, and has been a full time teacher, curator, event organizer, and working artist ever since.