Featured Art Exhibit: Art Meets Math – Fascinating Fractals

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Group Show featuring: Lisa Parker, Jo McGraw and Skeezix6
March 23 – April 23
Opening Reception: Friday, April 8

A collaboration in digital art using fractal equations. Using a single image in different directions for some as well as scenes of nature and science. The fractal program manipulates images bringing geometry, structure, patterns and rhythms that mirror those qualities in the world around us. 

Jo McGraw

Jo McGraw lives in West Lafayette Indiana with her husband, daughter, and two cats. Her artistic inspiration and passion has always been nature and all of her creatures, wild and domestic, beautiful or weird. She is particularly drawn to animals as individual beings. Normally she paints animal portraits with acrylic, but enjoys photography and photo editing, especially manipulating photographs in fractal equations, and exploring fractal distortion of faces.

Lisa Parker

Lisa Parker is an artist from Lafayette, happily living with her husband and cats in rural Tippecanoe County. She finds great inspiration in the beautiful natural landscape and wildlife surrounding her home and studio.

Lisa received her Master’s Degree in Printmaking from Purdue University. Since 2011, She has made art her full time pursuit. She has had work in many group shows, a solo show in 2014, and a second upcoming solo show at TAF in August 2016.

Lisa works in multiple mediums, including printmaking, drawing, painting, sculpture, and has recently enjoyed making digital fractal images which she describes as “visual metaphors about dreams, daydreams, and the universe within each of us.”


Skeezix6 lives in West Lafayette Indiana with his wife, daughter, and two cats. He works with computers by day, and enjoys the more creative side of mathematical equations in his spare time. He first began exploring fractal patterns on a graphing calculator as a student. His goal is to develop novel ways of combining the infinite space of procedural patterns, which can feel very technical and lifeless on their own, with more organic and personal subjects. He has built a CNC router from scratch in the garage to extend his work into reliefs and sculptures in wood and plastics.