full of bee’s wax.

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working from bottom to top

a little added depth and fun

a little more wax layering to finish.
sunday i spent the afternoon with a wax scooter.
sunday i played with 8 other creative souls pushing
hot wax around. fusing layers and watching papers
slip and slide across the board.
i was in heaven!
our gallery opened it’s doors to this months
featured artist – carolyn springer and she
put on a little bit of fun with her encaustic
guess who is smitten. i have so many ideas
and hope by the end of summer to have several
new pieces.
i might finally heat up my crock full of wax. i
mean it has been sitting there for at least 4
kelly barton - Studio and Gallery artist at Athens Gallery. Check her out here: kelly


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  1. Oil Painting Workshop
    June 29, 2011 at 7:23 PM

    Great work! I like the flower as well as those butterflies! Thanks for sharing this!

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