"We Have Nothing to Fear"

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9/11 Triptych
In the year 2003, Jody Franklin began a painting that dealt specifically about the 9/11 attacks that happened two years prior in New York City. The painting brought about many extreme feelings and emotions dealing with the actual 9/11 attacks that Jody discarded the triptych in a dumpster. Unbeknownst to him, someone recovered all three panels. It was in the year 2009 that Nancy Yeiter, a member and artist of the Athens of Indian Arts Studios and Gallary paid $9.00 at the Crawfordsville Goodwill store for this very painting.  Nancy brought the triptych into the gallery a few weeks ago for Jody to see and he has since reworked the painting a bit. This time the painting process relived was mainly a technical aspect rather than emotional although the memory of 9/11 will live on.

This unwanted painting had a mind of it's own and survived just as the human race - this human condition - as fragmented as it is, will survive.

There is hope.

In remembrance of 9/11.


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