Life Out of Chaos – a Series of Paintings

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May 11 – July 6

Life Out of Chaos – a Series of Paintings
Daniel Driggs
Opening Reception: Friday, May 20
Live music by John the Silent

In 1989, Driggs attended a retreat where God stepped in to change his life. He decided to take a sabbatical from his artwork to study and surrender to the Lordship of Jesus in his life. That surrender led him to seminary and the pulpit ministry. He was a pastor for 18 years before God allowed him again to do his artwork.
Today, Driggs’ artwork is different than it was in his earlier art career. Although he still paints still life and landscape scenes, his passion has become people and animals – a subject he avoided in prior years. The change has come in realizing that every life is unique and special to God.

Artist Statement:
In today’s world, we see chaos on all sides. This is reflected in much of the music, theater and art that are produced today. But if we take the time and look closer, we find that there is beauty focused amid the chaos. This is what the Bible described when it tells that God looked into the earth that was void and without form and brought about light, order and life.
This series of paintings is designed to help the viewer see the intricate details of life that are found amidst the chaos of our world. Each painting calls us to slow down, focus and enjoy the beauty of the world around us. Some of the paintings are focused on people; others are animals and plants that exhibit the beauty of life.

Artist Biography:
Born and raised in Nebraska, Driggs developed the love of art as a child. He attended Hastings College where he earned a BS degree in Art and Art Education. Driggs painted, taught, and exhibited his art professionally for 18 years. Through the years he owned and/or managed galleries in Omaha, NE, Laramie, WY and Cheyenne, WY. During those years, Dan’s artwork developed into the center of his life. In fact, it became like a god to him, in competition with the One True GOD.


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