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Imagine. A little over one year ago there wasn't an art gallery in Crawfordsville solely dedicated to bringing local artists together in unison, promoting and selling their artwork with the ability of watching them work within a studio atmosphere. C'ville didn't have a door to walk through that upon entering you were immersed in the visual artistry of local artists no matter where you turned. There wasn't a place you could visit as well as volunteer to learn more about our own local artists.  

Well there is a place in C'ville like that. 

Right. Now.

Imagine. That art gallery no longer existing. 

Really. Imagine.

I know if this gallery was gone, there would be a hole left in the community. As an artist, what an opportunity we have here. To be able to work in a studio and share and learn about the arts. To build relationships. To see outside regional artwork that this community would never have been exposed to before, showing in the special exhibit room. 

As a person who appreciates the arts, what an opportunity to be able to ask questions to the very artist who created the piece of work that catches your eye. To collect an art piece and contribute to the community. To volunteer and learn about different mediums and creative processes.

Me? I would miss it. Tremendously.

So what's my point?

My point is to "BE PART OF IT."  Be part of this awesome opportunity to grow, learn and support the arts. To help this gallery be a part of this community always - ever growing with new faces along-side the pioneers that originally made this gallery a reality.

How can you be a part of it? It only takes a visit. A visit to appreciate what is here. From there YOU can decide your next step in making this center a part of Crawfordsville for many years to come.

If you are an artist or simply appreciate the arts and you are not involved, don't miss this fantastic resource available to show your work or to simply volunteer, learn and grow.

For volunteer/donation or studio/gallery information - 
visit: 113 North Washington St., Crawfordsville, IN email: or call: 765.362.7455

- nc


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