I'm Wearing Green

Posted on | Saturday, April 28, 2012 | No Comments

I'm wearing green tonight. No it's not St. Patrick's Day but it is a day to celebrate.  Just like a tiny seed can grow into a mighty oak, a small idea can grow into a big reality.

Athens of Indiana Arts Studios & Gallery has grown and is growing the arts in Montgomery County. We celebrate today by wearing green - see the green wrapped tree out front and the green adorned window!

We celebrate YOU! All of you who have supported this gallery from it's inception to what it is now. YOU who just found out about the gallery and came in for a visit. YOU the artist whose passion for the arts have graced the walls of this gallery. YOU who have shown in the featured artist room nervously welcoming guests to admire your works.  YOU who have given of your time to answer the phone, sweep the floors and greet guests that walk through our door. YOU who have painted, fixed, wired, displayed and designed. YOU who have taught and shared your passion. YOU who have sponsored this gallery with purchase, sponsorship and donation. YOU who have worked on what seems endless hours on scheduling, creating events, writing grant proposals, while brainstorming ideas to grow this gallery even more. Every last one of YOU. We thank you and we celebrate you today by wearing green.

Welcome to the Athens Arts Gala!


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