the "Poetics of Imaging" - featured artist Gerburg Garmann

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July - mid Aug 2012
Gerburg Garmann
"Poetics of Imaging"
on exhibit in the special exhibit room at Athens Arts!

Opening reception -
Saturday, July 7th, 6-8pm.

As an addition to this show, there will be a poetry reading on Saturday, August 11. Time to be announced.

"From chemical imaging to thermography, imaging spans a multitude of methodologies and technologies. What if we thought of imaging as an act of human visualization, more precisely, an act of poetic reception, allowing us to create, store, shift (and add to) our personal experiences of art?"

Gerburg's poetic compositions for each respective artwork will be available for listening, providing a heightened interactive experience.

Visitors are invited to use headphones and listen to the performance piece while/before/after looking at the artwork. 
Music, poetry, and, of course, the artwork itself will be "displayed' in a truly multimedia fashion.


Gerburg Garmann’s main medium is acrylics. Stylistically, she favors Abstract Expressionism.


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