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Milky Way Mandala by Louie Laskowski
Louie Laskowski
"Vision Art & Vintage Cloth"

Discoveries within the junk of life. The cotton spread of thread woven into dresses of bliss at weddings door. Wanting to capture that specific moment. That ancient and spiritual moment that creating releases. As if there were blinders on her eyes she began to chase ideas around in her mind until all practical concerns encompassed her. She rolled the cotton vision up.

For over a decade the unfinished cloth remained. And although she moved on to other things. That vintage. That vision beckoned.

From the porch her thoughts were written upon the night sky. The patterns danced. The colors creating mandalas of light. Animals, birds and earth joined the kaleidoscope of fractured light in a field of vibration. She knew what had to be created. "Lady of the Crossroads, Hecate" was birthed before knowing how to paint it.

The crossroad. Her crossroad in which Hecate stood and directed. And so the dawn of creative cosmos broke through the black expansive skies and they themselves stood upon her canvases.

She dip-drenched her visions and soon colors of primary birds and rainbows emerged. Metallic reaction chemicals created safe havens and gates opened to let the air blow through tantalizing tree swings while aprons fell atop the old vintage toys.

And her creations in themselves existed but she wondered their purpose. She gave them life but they remained enclosed in rooms and unseen. Through experience the learning of value of experiment came to an understanding. The understanding that art for her was about the "inner-journey". …

from Louie: "...the soul seeking insight and knowledge which includes a desire for meaningful human connection through the work. Paradoxically an artist is alone most of the time when working. This "relationship-connection" involves finding inner strength to reveal the unknown and vulnerable truths to oneself and then to others."

-written from notes taken from Louie's biography and details of "Vision Art & Vintage Cloth" available to read at the current show at Athens Arts Gallery. Please take a tour of the exhibit to appreciate the richness, vibrancy and massive textures of these paintings.


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