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pretty little stories by kelly barton

opening reception march 7, 6-8pm

"one day. not long ago.
gathering with souls, stories told.
i found myself focusing on my blank journal page. a simple sharpie, pulling dark lines across the page and my mind recognizing the intersections pulling over one another.
sitting with kindred souls, listening, absorbing the deep layers of story.
the connection. breathing in the softness and exhaling the darkened leftovers. absorbing the connection. the sacred life."

exhibit: pretty little stories is a simple representation of the stories that we each tuck away in the layers of our days. the blossom begins as a mandala, the center begins as life and with each layer and color added, our story is told often thrown off course and while our footing feels off center, somehow with each year, each lesson - finding our balance.kelly paints to soothe her soul and tell stories along the way. she gathers with other women near the sea, holding their hands as they fretfully explain they are not an artist. kelly loves to prove nothing more than, they really are. some days you might find her kneeling along the sidewalk leaving chalked love notes, giggling at the silliness of life.

and she uses the color pink as much as she possibly can.

kelly barton artist. maker. creator. believer of this sacred life.

“and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
- anais nin


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